We’re a Department composed of three disciplines, Art, Graphic, and Interior design. Our diversity allows for a holistic design appoach that demands our graduates to embrace responsibility towards building a viable future. We strive for simplicity which manifests itself in practical yet elelegant solutions. Most importantly, we impart our graduates with the moral and intellectual strength to navigate a complex world.

  • B.A. Interior Design

    In the Interior Design program we believe in giving our students the opportunity to work on real-world projects in order to prepare them for a variety of practical experiences upon graduation. In our curricula we focus not only on skill development, but also design thinking and process. Within our immersive, comprehensive and experiential courses, our students make amazing life-long connections with peers and mentors. Committed to helping our students find their home within the profession, we emphasize career preparedness, easing the transition from student to practitioner.

  • B.A. Graphic Design

    The Graphic Design program educates and trains designers who will enrich society by creating culturally significant forms of communication and experiences. Students will design solutions that impact, and they will build their knowledge of graphic design through a diverse curriculum, which includes coursework in design history, theory, methods and practice. Graduates of our program will be able to design and visualize effective and edifying solutions to a wide range of contemporary issues, taking their places as leaders in the industry and securing successful and fulfilling careers.

  • B.A. Art

    The Art program places a particular emphasis on the history and context of art, weaving contemporary visual culture together with the world around us. Beyond the traditional media of drawing and painting, students will explore contemporary practices in digital, video, and experimental media. Students will develop their critical thinking skills early, in Visual Thinking, our first year foundation course. By the final year, when students complete their Senior Seminar courses and final exhibition, they will have developed a portfolio of work that summarizes each student’s practice and artistic philosophy.

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